How can I verify that my Solar System is functioning correctly?

Congratulations on your decision to harness the power of the Sun! This investment promises to bring you benefits for decades to come, deserving celebration. However, how can you ensure that you’re maximizing the returns on your investment?

Ensure to inspect the inverter – the central “brain” of your solar system and its most crucial component. Acting as the primary link between the solar panels and electrical output, its well-being is paramount. Always verify your warranty status and ensure your inverter is current. If it displays a flashing red light or error codes, contact a service technician from Empire Home Pros promptly to address any issues. Remember, green indicates normal operation, orange signals a detected problem, and red indicates a system issue. If your inverter is no longer under warranty, consider upgrading to stay covered and benefit from the latest technology advancements.

Arrange a regular inspection to ensure optimal performance – Understanding solar systems can be challenging for non-experts, and identifying potential issues requires trained expertise. Ensure peace of mind and system efficiency by scheduling a routine inspection with Empire Home Pros. Additionally, feel free to request bill reviews for a better understanding of your system’s operation.

Inspect for damage or cracks – Ensure to regularly check your panels for any signs of damage, such as chips or cracks. Our team at Empire Home Pros can conduct this inspection for you, sparing you the need to climb onto the roof. Cracks or breaks can lead to panel failure, reducing output and potentially allowing water ingress if left unattended. It’s advisable to schedule yearly system inspections to safeguard your investment.

Keep track of your system’s performance through your online portal – With advancements in solar technology, SMA and Fronius Inverters offer convenient mobile monitoring options. Regularly monitoring your system through these platforms allows for early detection of any issues and ensures optimal functionality.

Inspect for potential blockages – Frequently, when solar customers encounter output problems, they’re typically related to shading. When something obstructs the solar panel’s access to sunlight, it can diminish the system’s effectiveness. This obstruction might be from tree branches, shading structures, debris like dust or dirt, bird droppings, etc. If you’re uncertain about what’s causing the output obstruction, we can assist you in identifying and resolving it.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries! With years of experience in the industry, the Empire Home Pros team has encountered a wide range of situations. Whether you have queries or apprehensions regarding your system, rest assured that our team is readily available to provide assistance and arrange for a technician to address your concerns directly. Additionally, it’s worth noting that we offer roofing services, meaning we can seamlessly handle any necessary repairs to your roof simultaneously.


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