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Empire Home Pros is your premier contractor for residential solar power installation in South Florida. With over 40 years of experience, we thrive on staying current and implementing South Florida’s newest solar power technology as it grows. We proudly provide Miami-Dade, Coral Springs, Broward County, Boca Raton, and more with the latest solar installations giving your home an addition that saves you money in more ways than one.

South Florida’s solar power’s cost efficiency and benefits are unmatched including tax credits, renewable and reusable energy, recycled power programs that pay YOU, and property and sale tax exemptions.

Empire Home Pros handles your project with care and attention making sure your renewable energy is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing to your property. With Empire Home Pros you won’t have to worry about bulky panels or unsightly additions. 

We offer the latest in solar energy construction, utilizing inverters, racking systems, and more for a sleek look that adds value to your home without adding to your property taxes.

Trust us with your new Solar Construction and we’ll make sure each detail is carefully planned and meticulously executed. We start with your needs such as power usage, grid utilization, and visual requirements to help create a solar panel construction plan that best suits your home or property. 

We walk you through the process, planning, and execution while keeping you informed every step of the way.


Save Money

The average single family home in Palm Beach County saves approximately $3,000 on their electric bill after installing solar panels.

Go Green

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source! That means we will never run out of solar energy.

Free Consultations

Solar Panels are extremely low maintenance. They require minimal upkeep and repairs! For most panels, a bi-annual cleaning should keep them in tip top shape.

Nearly every home is capable of harnessing solar energy.

Our expert team of general contractors and home specialists will perform a full inspection of your home, and provide you with a quote free of charge.

We offer convenient financing to make switching to solar affordable for everyone.

We’re in this together. We specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of your solar panels.

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    Maigre Filgueiras


    Empire Home Pros is one of the most reliable companies. Does top notch work and great to work with. Very professional, and there to take care of your family’s biggest investment Highly recommend this company.

      Merlyn Moreira


      Empire Home Pros is a stellar contractor company. They are thorough, detailed, and customer-oriented!

        William Alvarez


        💥💥💥Respect, Trust and Security together with the professionalism of the management and its workers make Empire Home Pros a value in South Florida. If you are going to invest in your 🏠 home or 💲 business, make a quote with Empire Home Pros, you will not regret (quality + price)👌

        Solar FAQ

        You can expect your new Solar Panels to pay for themselves within 8-10 years in South Florida. This can vary depending on use. Some residents choose to “sell” their power back to electric companies as a way to make more money in the form of electric usage in South Florida. 

        Solar Panel users can expect a 26% tax credit on all solar panels built between 2020-2022. This number will reduce to 22% for any solar panels built in 2023.

        Yes! Solar panel users can expect an average of a 4% increase on the value of their home. This means if your home was worth $350,000 it will now be worth about $364,000.

        South Florida residents can expect to pay between $15,000 to $40,000 dollars for their new solar panels. Because we know this is a large sum,  Empire Home Pros offers in house financing for our South Florida families and business’!

        Empire Home Pros has the latest in design and technology for solar installation, meaning you don’t have to worry about the unsightly one panel fits all solar energy of the past! We can customize your installation to suit your home and roof needs!

        Empire Home Pros is dedicated to providing South Florida with renewable energy for decades to come. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we’ll send our team to you and create a game plan that keeps your property powered and your coin purse cushioned.

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